#8.3   Attempts

Things don’t always go as planned!

by Marc

12 March 2022

Here and there

13 images


In these difficult times, when unpredictable and confusing events fall upon us, we wanted to bring a touch of joy and happiness into our lives.

Because in the end, not everything goes according to plan…

We are living in difficult times. It sometimes seems inappropriate to smile with all that we have been experiencing for more than two years and what is happening around us today. But we still felt like getting out the old files now that the season is coming to an end and offering you a small sample of the most beautiful pearls of the past few years!

From Morgins to Saas Fee to Cortina d’Ampezzo, we take you on a throwback of the most beautiful falls in the history of 75mm Production!

Because things don’t always go as planned and laughing is good for everyone!