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Discover the result of a passion for telemark skiing and audiovisual.

We welcome you to our website. Discover in this space our passion for mountain and telemark skiing.

Follow our adventures and live them with us through our films.

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75mm Production

Production of telemark skiing films…

75mm Production is a small structure founded in late 2014 by Marc Sandoz et Laurent Chevalier, two long-time friends. It is the result of a common passion for telemark and audiovisual.

Throughout the winter, surrounded by a growing community of telemarkers from all walks of life, we go the ski resorts to share our passion through films retracing our adventures.

Every year, we produce a short film that highlights the past season. It is usually broadcast during the month of October during a "preview" event. It is also intended for film festivals in our regions.

In addition to this, 75mm Production produces regularly during the season of small internet episodes called "Webisodes". They allow our "followers" to follow us throughout the season, and share with us our shooting days almost immediately.

Once the season is over, the team gathers all the rushes and starts editing the final film. It also defines and organizes the structure and goals of the following season. Thus the thread is installed and the following season can be launched in the best possible conditions, with the prospect of offering even more, even better!

The staff

Marc Sandoz Co-founder & Director marc@75mm.ch

Marc, the technician, is in charge of 75mm Production's structure. He manages all technical areas.

  • Structure
  • Website
  • Social networks
  • Shooting
  • Producing
  • Planning
  • Hardware

Laurent Chevalier Co-founder laurent@75mm.ch

Lolo, the artist, takes car of the visual aspect of 75mm Production. He manages the graphic creations.

  • Illustrations
  • Design
  • Shooting

Maya Rascher Operations manager maya@75mm.ch

Maya, the optimizer, is in charge of the operational part. Thanks to its managing skills, we can focus on our activities.

  • Administration
  • Budget
  • Planning
  • Press
  • Task manager

Alexandre Wegmann Composer awcomposer@alexandrewegmann.com

Alex, the sound creator, he composes unique music to give an extra dimension to our achievements.

  • Composition
  • Musical arrangement
  • Sound identity
  • Mixing

Fabrice Vuagniaux Photographer fabrice@75mm.ch

Fab, the paparazzi, takes care of taking pictures during outings. His photographic vision is a real added value for our illustrations.

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Shooting

Tony Omlin Photographer tony@75mm.ch

Tony, photographer, takes care of taking pictures during outings and events. His artistic spirit brings us a different angle, both in terms of photos and ideas.

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Shooting
  • Events