#9.3   Back home

Back home in Morgins.

by Marc

6 February 2023


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We are back home in Morgins after our stay in Austria.

After meeting up with our families and sharing a few moments with them on the slopes of the Portes du Soleil, a small weather disturbance came and gave us a few centimetres of snow.

That’s all we needed to make some turns with friends. Although the conditions on the slopes are incredible thanks to the work of the resort’s staff, we are a bit disappointed with the quantity of snow delivered. The base layer is solid and hard, the thin layer of fresh snow is envious and we sometimes find ourselves in corners where we have to put more energy into our already tired thighs to enjoy it.

But how good it is to be back home and to see all our friends!

In short, we are home

It was back to reality for our team of Austrian travellers.

After a short weekend with the family, doing some turns with the kids, telling our friends about our adventures, a small episode of snow appeared to offer us a few centimetres of fresh snow on our favourite playground.

It was enough to motivate our thighs, already tired from our last trip. We joined other friends who had come to enjoy these conditions on a Monday. There are worse ways to start a week!

While the conditions on the slopes are incredible, thanks to the quality work of the resort’s teams, as soon as you leave the pistes, the conditions are difficult. The underside is frighteningly hard and uneven, the thin layer of fresh snow only masks these differences in terrain. It takes a lot of energy to enjoy these turns at home.

But what a joy to be back, everyone asks us for news of our trip, they are all impatient to see the film and we tell them, a little nostalgic, our adventures with passion.

In short, we are back home.