Scarpa TX Pro 2.0

by Marc

22 May 2024

Cortina d’Ampezzo

Scarpa TX Pro 2.0

Review of the test of the new Scarpa TX Pro 24-25

We had the privilege of taking part in the testing of the new Scarpa TX Pro. So naturally we wanted to share our impressions with you. It goes without saying that what follows is a personal analysis! Not everyone has the same feet, expectations or needs.

Very good fit in the shoe, but the liner is very soft, much too soft for me. The back of the shoe deforms when I put my foot in. This creates a pressure point on the Achilles heel. You have to hold the back of the liner tightly to ensure it’s perfectly positioned.

How to use:
   • Excellent all-round foot hold
   • Amazing "walk/run" mode, with crazy rear travel
   • The inverted buckle on the front is ideal for protection (but it seems to crush the shoe a little when tightened properly)
   • The new instep tightening system is good for precise kick fixation
   • The upper part of the shoe is great, with the booster system, very good hold without squeezing too hard.
   • The new inserts seem more solid.
   • The colours are more sober, black and red are great.

The less:
   • Shoe liner is too soft
   • Removing the shoe from a Meidjo is complicated: you have to be extremely well aligned and centred to remove the shoe. (Only a few millimetres of play).
   • I couldn’t find a way to adjust the shoe’s flex angle.

This is an excellent, rigid shoe. Now we’ll have to see how it ages, and whether or not it softens quickly. In any case, I’ve been impressed by the evolution, they’ve made an excellent shoe. In my opinion, it’s stiffer than the Crispi Evo, but the gusset work is progressive and doesn’t bother the toes. I even had to soften the Meidjo bindings. So that’s a very good point.

Personally, I’m not going to use this liner, it’s far too soft for me. I need a firm hold. The shell is much more ergonomic, but it’s a bit more complicated to put on. People who have had ankle problems (sprains, tear of ligaments) are going to find it hard to put on, I think. The walking/hiking mode is breathtakingly. I’ve even driven in it.

Personally, I’m totally won over by this shoe.