#2.3   Initiation Day

An introduction day with the telemark team Morgins

by Marc

21 February 2016


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First webisode without Laurent who is recovering from his knee surgery. We are invited by “telemark team Morgins” to participate to their telemark initiation in partnership with “telemarker.ch”.

Temperatures are above average, there are going to drink!

It’s been a week since the weather provides good on Sunday, as saying that there will be crowded! But the wait is long only at the beginning, to the slopes of Morgins. It’s hot, very hot, 10 degrees! We have spring snow from 10am.

Our beginners are hot, and us too, the initiation goes well, everyone benefits and discover in a good mood. After a stop “drink meal”, we go deeper into the field to appreciate the different challenges of the tracks.

A beautiful day well, with nice meetings.