#1.1   Zermatt

First day of shooting in Zermatt

by Marc, Laurent

22 December 2014


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Our first day of shooting. A return trip to Zermatt, to prepare the thighs for the season.
Check out our first "Webisode" for our first release, the opportunity to really launch the experience of 75mm Production…

After 2h30 drive, we finally reach the station, time to go through the village, sit in the cabin at 1700m above sea level, to reach 3000m, pressure and impatience is at its peak. After a breakdown on the first ski lift, the second failure demoralizes us a little, but the time for a beer break and go again!

Now everything is in place, the thighs are hot, we are ready to attack our first telemark skiing day of the season. Sweet! Despite the wind intensified throughout the day, the pleasure is total and we are now happy to share with you these first sensations 2014-2015…