#3.2   Two weeks in Saas-Fee

A trip to Saas-Fee, at 3500m altitude to try stuff

by Marc

23 December 2016


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A lack of snow still cruel. We did not see any snowflake. However, for two weeks, we returned to Saas-Fee, where we have this year’s season pass.

On the program, continuing the preparation of the thighs, Marc attempts to feel more comfortable with the new equipement, and dumps some beers because doing telemarkskiing, it gives thirst!

In the end, we had an incredible time, with superb conditions, wonderful meetings (we have addresses unavoidable in case of... ). In short, a success for a first.

Here is a month that it does not snow, the decision is made and the apartment is reserved. Go straight to Saas-Fee and its 3500m altitude to find good snow and see the sun.

On the spot, a really nice small apartment, owners very welcoming and a huge kindness. We are located 100m from the first installation...

The whole stay goes well, then a small blizzard let the installations close two days. No matter, we must go back down the mountains. On our return, the snow fell, in small quantity, but fell anyway.

Then go for the second part of the stay where we spend more time trying things, fitting your thighs.

In summary, two weeks of madness. Laughs, falls, successes and above all a maximum of pleasure.