#3.3   Meeting Telemarkers

When telemarkers meet, there is good moments in perspective

by Marc

30 January 2017



At the beginning of the year, we went to meet other telemarkers, like the members of the Telemark Team Morgins, whom we greet by this way.

With their availability and joy of life, we were able to shoot some pictures, videos and spend moments of unforgettable laughter.

A big thank you to Pascal, Didier and Yvan, it is always a pleasure to share this passion with people like you!

It is often said that the weather is not important, only the quality of the snow under the skis and the service in the bars count. We then took the road to meet our friends of Telemark Team Morgins on their playground…

Between aperitives, après-skis, dinners, parties, we could share this passion that animates us so much. Taking few shots, and especially sharing a lot of laughter. Because it is also Telemark: living intense moments, meeting people, while doing our passion.

Ski conditions have not always been optimal, but we remain confident. The season is not yet over and clearly promises some magical moments.