#1.5   Powder trip in Grimentz

Fresh snow, nice weather, fondue… What else!

by Laurent

26 February 2015


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Two days of overcast weather, synonymous of snowing in mountains… We decided to film in the backcountry, taking advantage of this layer of fresh snow! Unfortunately, it’s the school holidays, there is maybe lot of people, all the powder fields are surely shreded!

But not at all, the weather is fine, there is nobody, total virgin powder corners are just waiting us. And we’re here.

A good time filming the morning to find the area that we discover for the first time. Talking with our cabin neighbors, they advise us a place to eat a fondue… Lack of space in the restaurant, we must hurry, 30 minutes, a bottle of white, a fondue and drinking coffee-abricotine (apricot liquor) on the terrace!

Hard after that… But at the top of the field, seeing what waiting for us, free heels get over, it is gonna be an afternoon of hell… The thighs are burning, we haven’t anymore twenty years but we love it…