The adventure 75mm Production

Towards a community

At the beginning it was only about sharing our passion, without any expectations or objectives. Very quickly, messages of encouragement and support came in and the desire to do more and better began.

This is when the "webisodes" were born. These short films of just a few minutes are put online as soon as the images are filmed and edited, which allows the public from all walks of life to follow our adventures while being close to the action. They have always had the ambition to make our sport accessible and by necessity, have allowed people to see that we are accessible too, which has led to new encounters and beautiful friendships.

This is how, for all these years, you regularly find the same faces in our films; passionate people, sportspeople, artists, fans from the beginning, all of whom have become friends of 75mm Production. It is with these people that we regularly go in search of new sensations and moments of sharing, both in our country and abroad.

A very special collaboration was born from the beginning with Alexandre Wegmann, independent composer. His talent and creativity allow us to associate unique music, composed for the occasion, with quality images, and this is where the magic happens! He has composed most of the soundtracks that make up our videos.

Each year we produce a film that highlights the past season. This is usually shown during the month of October at a preview event. It is also intended for film festivals in our regions. This evening is an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, but also to put our sponsors in touch with our community and to create new contacts. It is also an opportunity to release the pressure and dream of the next season!

What happens now?

After a premature interruption of the season in 2020 due to the pandemic and the restrictions that were decided by our government, we had to slow down our activities, put aside some ongoing projects. A big blow to everyone’s morale… So, we decided to look at the situation from a different angle and review our priorities.

We took advantage of this time and the support of MSA Réalisations Sàrl to acquire and test new equipment, new filming techniques, and to produce new images in application of all the measures that were imposed on us at the time. It was an opportunity to rethink our way of working and to expand our artistic palette.

As soon as the sanitary situation allowed it, we got back in the saddle with the energy and the joy of living that you know us for and this time, we promise, we are preparing a nice surprise for you! Stay tuned for news of our next film and keep following us through the winter, the webisodes are coming back soon!

This season will focus on life, friends, sharing, telemark passion and emotions. Rough pictures often accompanied by dialogues to bring you closer to us during the shooting.

Sharing and broadcasting remain important objectives. We are counting a lot on the support of sponsors and festivals to put forward this sport and this state of mind which have already won us over.

Do not hesitate to share our adventures to allow others to join our community.

Missed you !

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