#9.1   She’s back

Finally, the snow came and covered our playground.

by Marc

16 January 2023


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Here comes January, the temperatures finally drop, the snow makes its big return. And here we go! We can finally start shooting our season. The snow cover is certainly thin for the period, but it slides, it makes noise, it laughs and it makes the thighs. We will need it next week in Austria.

The season has started with drums beating, early snowfalls and polar temperatures of -15 degrees. And then? Nothing more... 8° in the resort, torrential rains came to "clean" our mountains. The sectors closed one after the other. Doubt settles in, the depression threatens us.

But this was without counting on the middle of January and the temperatures finally falling! The snow makes its comeback, covering our favourite playground with its soft coat. We can now finally start shooting. There is still a little lack of snow for the period, but the happiness of sliding with friends again takes over.

We then moved to Châtel, a neighbouring village, to help some of us discover unknown places. A real pleasure to meet again in these white landscapes, to share intense moments, laughter and to do the thighs. Because we will need them next week in Austria.