#10.1   New chapter

The new self-contained cab at La Foilleuse.

by Marc

10 January 2024


33 images


We’re off to the best possible start to our 10th season, comfortably warm in the brand new Morgins lift, which has just been brought into service.

The start of the season was marked by abundant precipitation that covered the slopes with fresh snow, enough to put a smile on our faces! Even though the rain finally came and caused quite a bit of damage in our region, we were finally able to organise our first official day of filming in our resort. It has to be said that launching the festivities for our jubilee season in Morgins was particularly close to our hearts, and we couldn’t wait to get on board this new installation.

There were lots of smiles and the excitement of starting this new chapter took us to some magnificent spots, despite the timid snow cover. Enough to get us ready for the season with new equipment and lots of new ideas in mind.

Remember… last April, we retired our venerable 40-year-old chairlift.

Today we’re celebrating the launch of our revolutionary new cabin. 10 seats, 6,000 people an hour. Enough to make a few more runs in no time!

Built in record time, it opened on schedule for the opening of the 2023-2024 season. Equipped with the latest technology and dressed in an elegant design, its infrastructure has been intelligently thought out, and we’re delighted with the vision for the future that has been built into this fine project. Congratulations to all the teams involved in bringing this new facility to reality.

A first day of filming in Morgins on a Wednesday, away from the crowds, in the company of Didier and his son Chems, Marc and Alban. After a few runs in our favourite corridors, we took the time to explore a few secret spots that we’ll be sure to let you know about in future webisodes.

It’s been a busy day, with lots of great images, sore thighs and, as always, lots of laughs. It’s great to be back on skis for the first time, filming with friends and officially launching the 10th season of 75mm Production!

Let’s get ready for some new adventures!