#4.2   Pâté Vaudois

Discovering the Paté Vaudois

by Marc, Laurent

5 December 2017


23 images


We traveled to Zermatt to meet other telemarkers based in this station. A bit nostalgic, we recount some memories, because it is here that we shot our very first webisode 4 years ago.

A beautiful meeting, a beautiful weather, great moments of laughter. Two beautiful days, interspersed with a most joyous evening. A pure happiness to have met Gaël, Yohan and Patrick (whom we salute by the way).

One thing is certain, we will go back a few days with them there.

During the last season, telemarkers from our region but based in Zermatt contacted us to organize a few turns together. The appointment is made. Beautiful weather forecast, in an emblematic Wallis resort, Zermatt.

Early departure, by chance, we can take our room immediately in our hotel upon our arrival. Time to put on our skis and join Gaël and Yohan at the foot of an installation.

All dressed in orange, we are easily recognizable. All day is coupled with laughter, big turns, switch rides, and of course a few beers. Between discussions, laughs, photos, we find ourselves the last on the tracks. It’s time to come back down.

Still having so much to say and still thirsty, we head to the Papperla pub for après-ski. After a fast shower, head to the Julen restaurant to join other friends. A very nice evening.

The next day, the weather is always with us. We then go to test another part of the domain. We realize some beautiful shots, all with a smile and this breathtaking view of the Matterhorn. A good moment of passion and sharing.