#4.3   Before the rain

A little snow powder before the rain

by Marc

29 December 2017


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An ideal start to the season, with optimal snow conditions. But, the rain at 2000m is planned for the weekend… So let’s take advantage of the last appearance of the sun for this year to shred a little fresh snow.

A little morning under a bright sun, in a snow powder more than abundant. The sky then covers gently, the wind rises, the time for us to reach the station by a small passage in the forest.

A very nice adventure… See you next year with our best wishes for 2018.

Last beautiful day of the year. No hesitation, departure for Morgins. It is 8:15 am, passes in the pocket, we enjoy a small coffee while waiting the opening.

We quickly find something to shred some virgin spaces. No need to walk to reach hidden fields. A chance, the sun is radiant, the snow light, Marc can then test his new TOBE monosuit in real conditions. Only happiness.

The sky is cloudy at midday, the wind is rising. The last beautiful day is coming to end. We decide to cross the forest for our return to the station. Funny jokes, some tumbles. But that’s so good!

Now it’s time for the rain, while waiting for the cooler temperatures, we already wish you an happy new year with all our wishes for 2018.