#1.2   Thyon 2000

A trip without snow in Thyon

Thyon 2000

by Marc, Laurent

5 January 2015

Thyon 2000

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Despite the severe lack of snow, we decided to do a little day. Slaloming between the stones, a few beers and a good laughs, this is the program…

To mark the new year, we decided to ride up in Thyon 2000 to meet friends. After some research of the good parking, we finally arrive at destination. No luck (or not), we were waiting at the bar. So it was after one or two drinks we finally start skiing a little…

It must be said that the conditions are far from optimal, almost no snow, lots of stones. But the sun is here and our good mood also. A few tracks here and there, one or two crashes, and lots of laughs. What we love these days.