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Discovering our home

by Marc

1 February 2021


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The time had come, as it does every year, to go on a trip with friends to share turns and good humour. But then, the particular situation we are all living, due to this virus of misfortune, forced us to review our plans.

« Stay at home » that we have been told for months. Well that’s exactly what we did! And considering the superb conditions of this season, the incredible spots we discovered, the laughs and the pleasure we had, the balance is more than positive at the end of these two weeks.

The first week with Marc and Romain was a great start, followed by Damien and Didier, for a perfectly local start in Morgins. An incredible amount of snow that gave us a great view and allowed us to live intense moments in the Foilleuse forest, or on the summits of Pierre Plate and Pointe de l’Au.
Then the rain came and we took advantage of it to repair some material breakdowns and plan the rest of the festivities.

Then we left the following Monday at 6.00 am for Fiescheralp where we stayed at the Hotel Alpina at 2200m altitude to our great delight.

The team is almost complete and the weather is very capricious. Visibility close to nil, wind, snow, half of the facilities at a standstill, forcing us to stay close to the infrastructures.
But when you can’t see anything at all, it gives rise to frankly beautiful bowls and crazy laughs that make the abs work!

After a good meal in the evening, and a well-deserved rest, waking up is a bit difficult for him... 2h30 starting the snow groomer under our windows and beginning of the mining to secure the ski resort… we had some dark circles at breakfast.
But that didn’t affect our good mood and we continued for a second day still under the sign of friendship.

We took a short break in the middle of the week where everyone took the opportunity to go home quickly (and yes, the advantage of staying close to home), and left on Thursday for two days in Zinal where we stayed at the Hotel Europe.

The weather this time is extraordinary. Great sunshine, coolness, no one on the slopes. A unique opportunity to rediscover the resort of Zinal-Grimentz after years. Yes, seven years ago, 75mm Production shot its first season there!

We moved between the incredible slopes of Zinal and the freeride spots of Grimentz. One thing is for sure, we intend to come back one day with top backcountry conditions and with a local guide to show us around!

All these days were punctuated as always by a beautiful friendship, laughs, laughs and more laughs! The discovery of magnificent spots and a part of our home where we have nothing to envy the others.

Judging by the indelible smiles on our faces, the 2021 trip is a real success!