#4.4   Dancing Kings

A little waltz in Champéry?

by Marc

27 January 2018


15 images


For this fourth webisode of the season, we went to Champéry to shoot some pictures, and try some tricks on the tracks. Special conditions, a sweet blend of morning freshness and springtime atmosphere. The nice weather was part of, enough to meet beautiful people and share good moments between enthusiasts.

A big THANK YOU to Champéry Tourisme for their support in this adventure, and we greet the whole team of the tourism office, especially Louisa.

Monday, 9am, Champéry, at the Portes du Soleil (translated as Sun Doors) The name is right, a radiant sun, a wonderfull snow ... 4 days of telemark skiing!

Some friends join us, we make new acquaintances, in fact, that’s telemark spirit. For 3 days, we take advantage of superb conditions that are offered to us. With some beautiful pictures at the end.

Thursday, the weather turns, the snow falls in abundance, we go astray in the pine forests of Morgins, a pure pleasure.

Moments of pure happiness, made possible by the great support of Champéry Tourisme and the presence of Télémark Team Morgins.