#6.1   Where are your thighs?

Initiation to telemark in Morgins

by Marc, Tony

5 January 2020

Région Dents du Midi

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Finally the first webisode of our 6th season.

Invited by the Telemark Club Dents du Midi to put in pictures their initiation, we were able to spend some time with the "Teleminimarkers". And believe us, Chems, Nolan and Thibault, we must follow them! Cause it’s going fast, it’s going strong! And the potential for progression is huge. To be continued…

The stands are set up, the equipment installed, a smooth-running organization. People are at the rendezvous… with more than 160 participants. Proficient or beginners yet all curious and able to benefit from the advice of passionate instructors and club members.

The opportunity for us to make a few turns with the youngsters, the famous «Teleminimarkers», Thibault, Nolan and Chems, 16, 13 and 11 years old. One thing is sure, there is huge potential and the next generation is here! That will be enough to give us a few ideas for future videos.

At the end of this weekend, wonderful moments shared, a great team, a great atmosphere and splendid weather.

A big THANKS to Pierre from «The M Equipment» for his ongoing support, his availability and his advice. And a big BRAVO to the Telemark Club Dents du Midi for this organisation.