The end of a legend

by  Marc

2 April 2023


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#9.4    The end of a legend

Foilleuse chairlift 1983-2023.

Our venerable and emblematic Foilleuse chairlift is no more. It was on Sunday April 2nd that the last rotation of our mythical lift took place.

Impatient of the new installation but nostalgic of the moments spent as a child and then as an adult on the first declutching chairlift of Switzerland put into service in 1983, we participated in the last turns of the beast. The party was great with concerts and raclettes served by our Champion Didier Défago. Some tracks between friends and the sharing of our memories. A lot happened on this seat.

Yes, the next day, the building work began and the 40 years of life of the lift came to an end.

See you next season in our brand new 10-seater cabin.

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Back home

by  Marc

6 February 2023


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#9.3    Back home

Back home in Morgins.

We are back home in Morgins after our stay in Austria.

After meeting up with our families and sharing a few moments with them on the slopes of the Portes du Soleil, a small weather disturbance came and gave us a few centimetres of snow.

That’s all we needed to make some turns with friends. Although the conditions on the slopes are incredible thanks to the work of the resort’s staff, we are a bit disappointed with the quantity of snow delivered. The base layer is solid and hard, the thin layer of fresh snow is envious and we sometimes find ourselves in corners where we have to put more energy into our already tired thighs to enjoy it.

But how good it is to be back home and to see all our friends!

In short, we are home

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by  Marc

23 January 2023


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#9.2    Servus

Welcome to Austria, in Lech, Vorarlberg.

It had been three years since the team had not left the country for an immersion shoot. We put an end to this drought at the beginning of 2023. We moved to Lech, in the Austrian Vorarlberg.

This is how Marc, Fabrice, Didier, Romain, Pascal and Alban found themselves in this "magical" resort. There was a little less snow than at home, but we were able to find some spots to track.

Freezing temperatures at the beginning of the trip, but incredibly beautiful weather. We discovered the area and the people who were very disciplined on the slopes and in the queues!

The days of skiing were very busy and we were tired every evening, but what a pleasure to be together to share laughter and memorable moments.

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She’s back

by  Marc

16 January 2023


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#9.1    She’s back

Finally, the snow came and covered our playground.

Here comes January, the temperatures finally drop, the snow makes its big return. And here we go! We can finally start shooting our season. The snow cover is certainly thin for the period, but it slides, it makes noise, it laughs and it makes the thighs. We will need it next week in Austria.

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