#5.6   Spring madness

Never cast a clout till May be out

by Marc, Laurent

5 April 2019


27 images


The spring heat had been animating our days last two weeks. Some had even already taken out the shorts. Snow was starting to run out on some slopes…

It was without counting on that unexpected day of April 4th which offered us this beautiful layer of freshy pow!

Back in pictures on a last-minute madness.

Meteorologists were announcing the return of snow. When we wake up Thursday morning, what a nice surprise! It’s snowing on the plain, it’s holding, and it’s cold! The forecasts for the next day… Bright sunshine. It didn’t take us more than five minutes to prepare our things and go up to taste the April snow!

Arrived in Morgins on Friday morning, we join our friend Didier from the Telemark Club Dents du Midi, and leave for our favorite playground for a last ride, or not… ;)

In front of us, virgin ridges… We are alone at the top of each run. Magic! Despite a hasty departure, we didn’t forget to put the drone in the bag. The results are, incredible images, a crazy day, a few beautiful crashes, smiles on all faces and heads full of memories!