#9.4   The end of a legend

Foilleuse chairlift 1983-2023.

by Marc

2 April 2023


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Our venerable and emblematic Foilleuse chairlift is no more. It was on Sunday April 2nd that the last rotation of our mythical lift took place.

Impatient of the new installation but nostalgic of the moments spent as a child and then as an adult on the first declutching chairlift of Switzerland put into service in 1983, we participated in the last turns of the beast. The party was great with concerts and raclettes served by our Champion Didier Défago. Some tracks between friends and the sharing of our memories. A lot happened on this seat.

Yes, the next day, the building work began and the 40 years of life of the lift came to an end.

See you next season in our brand new 10-seater cabin.

From 1983 to 2023, our mythical declutching chairlift (the first of its kind in Switzerland) of La Foilleuse offered us forty years of good and loyal service. Its operation came to an end on Sunday, April 2, 2023 and we did not miss the call for a last run!

It was with great emotion that we lived his retirement. The programme included concerts, aperitifs, raclette, a few tracks and a good dose of laughter. Mixed with the various personalities present for the occasion, we listened, told stories, and remembered all those moments spent sitting on this seat.

Our eyes are now turned to the future with the construction of the new futuristic installation: a 10-seat cabin that is totally autonomous and managed remotely. A technological achievement that is already in operation in the resort of Zermatt.

We are looking forward to the opening of the 2023-2024 season with this little bijou to take us to our favourite playground and create new memories in a dry, warm environment. This will coincide with the start of our 10th season, and yes, already 10 years! My God, how time flies!