#4.5   Gletscherwasser…

In “exploration” mode

by Marc, Laurent

3 February 2018


48 images


Gletscherwasser, this local liquid that boosts the thighs.

We were again in Saas-Fee for a week. With the beautiful snowfalls of the last days, we rejoice to be back on this playground.

In total, we were 8 telemarkers on the week to share moments of laughter and to discover the backcountry.

Claudio, met during an evening over a drink, guided us the next day for an exceptional freeride session on the Hohlaub Glacier. And we thank him warmly for everything.

Arrived on Sunday, Marc and Fabrice make some scouting with Stephanie while waiting for the arrival of others. Sunny weather is part of it, which is good to shoot beautiful rushes.

The entire team can then enjoy all the resort and share intense moments.

Wednesday night, during an evening party, we meet Adrian and Claudio, two telemarker brothers from the region. It’s between two glasses (maybe too many) that the latter offers us to discover the glacier. After a short night, we find him then to ride this spot.

Coming out of a tunnel dug in the rock, this magnificent glacier, which we cross, extends, blank of trace, in front of us. It will take us an hour to reach the summit chosen to begin the long descent to Saas-Almagell.

We then join Saas-Fee full of images in our head and our memory cards.

A week rich in images and especially in meetings.