#2.2   Two days of backcountry

A so much expected stay in Lech, Austria. Powder at its best.

by Marc, Laurent

18 January 2016

Lech (AT)

31 images


Basically, we had to be for four days in Lech in Austria. A first time for 75mm Production. Everything was planned perfectly. Significant snowing fell shortly before our arrival. But then, on the last run, Laurent injured his right knee. So we had to go on the third day.

This trip will remain anyway in our memories. Two days of incredible backcountry, exceptional encounters, we took great pleasure in this magnificent resort.

A 420km drive and on arrival, we discover an incredible resort. Required snow chains, fortunately we have a 4WD… We take possession of our room, do a little walk around the village and go to informations about the playground.

The first ride of the day is just perfect apart time really not very kind to us. However, we find some nice spots, and enjoy a moment to get lost in a forest. The second day started well. We decided to change fields to explore a little more this station. The time is no more overcasted, we take amazing pictures and filming with our new material some crazy rushes.

Comes the time to go back to the afterski party! Then we decide to make the “final run of the day” and there is the drama. Laurent fall on artificial snow with bumps at 200m to the afterski party. A little stunned, he gets up, but the knee is injured! He immediately falls again, the pain comes, we know immediately that the stay is over as well as the season for him.

We returned the day after the crash in Switzerland. 5 hours drive, 7hours in emergency: It’s the ACL. Quite a blow! This is again, stupidly, on the track, the drama befell on him.