#5.2   Getaway

A romantic getaway in Zermatt

by Maya

22 December 2018


22 images


The season is now on the way, Maya and Marc traveled to Zermatt, where the first ever webisode was shot 5 years ago.

The goal is to highlight the passion of telemark and mountain mingled with the life of a couple. This is how the two lovebirds took advantage of 4 days in love to share this moment.

Between sun and snow, Marc guide Maya who rediscover skiing after many years and for the first time on telemark skis. Between ski slopes and village life, lots of laughs and unforgettable moments!

Monday 10am, a little brunch at the mother’s home before departure. Everything is ready, the car is loaded, the moment has finally come! Impatient, excited, Maya and Mark are already looking forward to the first drink in the village synonymous with "holidays".

As always, the journey includes discussions, laughter, craziness. It is also the first handover of filming hardware by Maya.

The next day, first return on skis for Maya, and directly on telemark skiing! After a long moment of absence, it is necessary to resume the automatisms of the ride, the sensations, the cold. Marc turns into an instructor and takes care of his sweetheart and pleasure is at the rendezvous!

Back to the village for the first après-ski, a small romantic meal, a walk in the village, they share their memories of the resort. It’s also the life of a couple, sharing.

While Marc tests (again) a new camera, Maya gains confidence, even begins flexing. They take the time to live the moment, photos, videos, some breaks to gain strength.

It’s cold, even very cold in the Igloo village, even the white wine is crystallized and to warm up during their well-deserved break, Maya brings Marc into his world, with some small steps of folk dance. And he’s doing pretty well at !

After several days of discovery, the time has come for rest and sharing with friends, because it is also the holidays! Gaël of the team "La Cuisse Chaude" joins them for their last evening in this legendary resort for a dinner at the restaurant and "a last little glass up" at the bar.

A stay that has kept all its promises. The discovery, the sharing, the love, the passion, the complicity, the laughter accompanied these two lovers throughout their stay of which they will retain a memorable memory.