#8.2   Take a break

In short, it was Tuesday and we take a break!

by Marc

8 February 2022


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Not much fresh snow at the beginning of this year 2022 and the heavy rains of a few weeks ago didn’t help. So when some 30cm are announced during the weekend, we jump on the opportunity and choose our big skis to enjoy it! But bad luck... the wind almost blew everything away! We had to be ingenious to find little spots of powder, and we finally found them!

And in the end, a Tuesday up there, that’s life! And with friends, it’s even better!

Fresh snow at last! Not a lot, but just enough to have fun in the middle of the week, with a beautiful sunny day to boot! So we get organised the day before for a little reconnaissance and we tell ourselves that it’s going to be pretty good.

Tuesday, we get equipped and we go up with a smile on our faces, impatient to find some powder and to enjoy it. We find small unexpected spots with a nice layer, just what we need to enjoy ourselves. A magnificent couloir and then some breathtaking ridges and the forest still as playful as ever. In short, it was Tuesday and we take a break!