#4.1   Beginning of the season

Start of season 2017-2018 in Saas Fee

by Marc, Laurent

25 November 2017

Saas Fee

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It’s with a more than a second-rate weather that we launch our season this year.

A few telemarker friends join us for the occasion and share two days of telemarkskiing that coincide with Laurent’s return on the skis after his injury.

What happiness!

Next step: Zermatt 5 and 6 December.

6:00 AM, departure from Lausanne to Saas Fee! Time for the beginning of the season. Unclean weather, but we are confident, an improvement is planned for the next day.

Arrived on the spot, we meet some friends, grabbing our season pass. Therefore, nothing can stop us! Imminent departure of the Alpine metro to be at 3500m skis under our feet…

Wind, snow and fog, our first day is complicated but it doesn’t disturb us to have fun. We must find the old reflexes… A memory card complicates the task, fortunately quickly resolved. At the end of the day, after a good hot shower, we restore and hydrate ourselves with few beers.

The next day, it’s no longer the fog that is against us but strong gusts of wind that threaten the opening of the facilities. Fortunately, around 10:30 AM we can join the peaks. Turns are made all along the downhill with good sensations. Then we must envisage to go back home after a weekend of fun.