#3.4   Pow Pow Pow

We waited for it all the winter, it is the 8 of March that she filled us up

by Marc

8 March 2017


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We had to wait all the season to benefit from a snow of dream. And unfortunately on a single day. The next day it rained very high!

We are then found some friends in Morgins to take advantage of these incredible conditions. More than 50cm of fresh snow, a thing to not miss! We could ride on the closed areas, a real delight to make these first traces.

A fairly average visibility, but no matter! The important thing is under the skis!

We are March 6, the end of the season is nearly here, high temperatures. But it’s not counting the weather alarms meaning heavy snowfall at low altitude on March 7th and 8th.

Didn’t think twice, we organized all that. See you in Morgins on the 8th!

It snowed all night, more than 50cm of fresh snow in the resort, the dream… Only one installation is running at the moment because of the avalanche mining to secure the connections. This allows us to warm ourselves up on this unique track, between a few pine trees…

Maybe with an excellent timing or just by chance, we are at the top when the rest of the resort opens. We can then make the first traces in our usual freeride spots. There’s so much snow! It’s been a long time since we’ve had such a day.

The thighs burn, but we continue to enjoy thoroughly this moment. At the end of the day, a more than positive report, a lot of laughter, a few fears, a lot of fatigue but a sense of duty accomplished, smiles on faces speak volumes.

Gosh it was good!