#6.2   Telespaghetti

Or how to get out of your comfort zone!

by Marc

25 January 2020

Cortina d’Ampezzo

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New season, new trip. This year it’s in Italy, in the Dolomites in Cortina d’Ampezzo that 75mm Production takes its team and its friends from the Telemark Club Dents du Midi, and the Team de la Cuisse Chaude! Cherry on top, Paolo Tassi, guide and first order telemarker, will help them discover some of the region’s unexpected places.

Despite the very low snow conditions this winter, he leads them safely through corridors that are usually inaccessible and totally crazy, both for the sensations and the breathtaking scenery! Telemarks on their backs and sometimes crampons on their feet to climb steep walls, via ferrata, … riding here must be earned!

A crazy adventure punctuated by moments of sharing and conviviality, to create memories forever engraved in the memories of the entire team. For everyone, this week is the opportunity to live an extraordinary experience with the only watchword, the surpassing of oneself.

Special thanks to Eleonora Colli of the Cortina Tourist Office for her hospitality and availability, and to Paolo Tassi for the friendship shared during the week, without whom all this would not have been possible.

Morgins, January 25, 2020, 5:30am. we packed the car, there’s some equipment in it. And here we go for a 10h road trip, destination Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Dolomites in Italy. We are all 7 in the car, it’s going to be long. After a few breaks and a few driver changes, we arrive in the ski resort in the evening, and meet our guide Paolo Tassi, also a telemarker. The week is on!

For our first day, we discover the area around Misurina, Monte Cristallo and Faloria and we quickly discover that our guide never stops, what a rascal! We already suspect that our thighs will burn during this stay, without even knowing what Paolo has planned for us…

We travel to the neighbouring valleys thanks to the support of the tourist office and Paolo’s knowledge. The breaks are short, rides are intense, the memory machine is running with the mythical passage of the Tofana Bus, the Candle’s Corridor, which we reach either by crampons or via ferrata. We are clearly leaving our comfort zone, which is a first for the whole team.

Mid-week, we head for the Cinque Torri field. An overnight stay is organized in the Scoiattoli hut on the slopes. A short hike is made at night to reach the Averau hut, but that’s without counting the storm that’s coming up. The descent is a bit extreme. We then enjoy a well-deserved evening meal, before remaking the world and tasting a local beverage that reminds us of a certain "Diablerets". Excellent! The next day, we go to the Lagazuoi area (the mountain dug out during the war is full of explosives, to counter the Austrians) and then go back down towards Forcella Tavenanzes.

The end of our trip is approaching and our guide has some nice surprises in store for us until the last day. We’ll meet at Lago d’Antorno, where snowmobiles are waiting for us to reach the Auronzo refuge. Then A short ski touring ascent to reach the Forcella Lavaredo pass. After a small incredibly perfect slope, we follow the faces of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo up to the famous third couloir (which has no name). From the summit, we then go down the whole valley to the Lago di Landro. It took us the whole day to walk around this mountain. The exhaustion hits…

Saturday, last day of skiing in the Dolomites, We leave at 6 am to watch the sunrise behind the mountains. This is our "pachon day". The weather is nice and warm, an incredible session, full with laughs and falls on the slope. We end our Italian week with a last stop at the Tofana Bus, its corridor just behind and a stop at the Angelo Dibona refuge.

Once again, we had a memorable trip, punctuated by some great encounters. We would like to thank Eleonora Colli from the tourist office of Cortina d’Ampezzo for her availability and support. We greet and warmly thank Paolo Tassi, our guide, without whom this adventure would not have been possible, and his wife for their welcome. A trip that will have kept all its promises and more. One thing is sure, one day there will be another stop in this valley.