#10.2   Catch me if you can

Chases on the Italian slopes

by Marc

29 January 2024

Aoste Valley

42 images


Traditionally, we’ve travelled to Courmayeur for a full immersion shoot. This year, we chose Courmayeur as our starting point, a very popular resort for the freerides spots in the Aosta Valley in neighbouring Italy.

Unfortunately, the snow conditions didn’t allow us to take advantage of these famous spots, but we had a lot of fun filming on the slopes. The descents were fast and furious, and our thighs really warmed up! A great time for our 4 skiers.

These 5 days gave us the chance to discover some incredible resorts: Courmayeur, La Thuile, La Rosière, Pila and Cervinia. The reconnaissance is now complete. As soon as the snow returns, we’ll know where to go for a crazy trip.

Monday 6am, departure from Morgins for Marc, Didier and Romain. We’re heading for Courmayeur in Italy, a small resort at the foot of Mont Blanc. Our objective for the week: to ski the Toule glacier and the surrounding area. Alex joins us in the evening.

But the heavy rain of the last few days means we can’t get down the slopes we’re aiming for. So, after discussions with the local guides, we decided to stay on the slopes and warm up our thighs. There was no time to relax, the skiing was great and we covered several tens of kilometres a day, giving us a chance to push our equipment to the limit.

After 2 days in Courmayeur, we set off to discover other nearby resorts. A stop at Cervinia, a stop at La Thuile and a final day at Pila. We were lucky enough to have perfect weather conditions for a good reconnaissance of the area. All we have to do now is wait for the snow.

One thing’s for sure: we’ll be back when the conditions are right to shoot images in perfect freeride conditions.