Spring madness

by  Marc, Laurent

5 April 2019


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#5.6    Spring madness

Never cast a clout till May be out

The spring heat had been animating our days last two weeks. Some had even already taken out the shorts. Snow was starting to run out on some slopes…

It was without counting on that unexpected day of April 4th which offered us this beautiful layer of freshy pow!

Back in pictures on a last-minute madness.

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Cooking Tele Show

by  Laurent, Tony

16 February 2019


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#5.5    Cooking Tele Show

Telemarker thighs meat recipe

Because practicing telemark requires a lot of energy. Generally, a breakfast is enough for a few hours but at mealtime, it begins to be starved!

Discover the recipe of the chef to ensure a beautiful day.

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by  Marc, Laurent

6 February 2019


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#5.4    Telegangsters

A little robbery at 7peaks

Our mountains can sometimes be very dry! And we were thirsty… That’s why, during a little outing with friends, we invited ourselves to 7Peaks to steal a few beers.

Rest assured, this is only a staging imagined by Robby and Marc. What a good time, we must admit that we had a good laugh during this little shoot.

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Welcome to Japan

by  Marc

20 January 2019


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#5.3    Welcome to Japan

La neige japonaise

A first for 75mm Production. We’ve moved to Japan with our friends from Telemark. Club Dents du Midi and Team La Cuisse Chaude (Hot thighs team), discovering the famous backcountry places of this country.

A wonderful week for our 8 telemarkers. Housed at Kodama Lodge in the Hakuba Valley, a few meters from the departure of the facilities.

The lack of snow early in the week pushed us to ski touring to find the small powdery fields. The arrival of the snowfalls filled us, and we were then able to do sets and runs in the birch forests. Watch out for trees!

Between powder, forests, ski touring, itinerary errors, rivers to cross, we were full of memories! A wonderful experience.

Many thanks to Géraldine and Simon for their welcome and tips.

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by  Maya

22 December 2018


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#5.2    Getaway

A romantic getaway in Zermatt

The season is now on the way, Maya and Marc traveled to Zermatt, where the first ever webisode was shot 5 years ago.

The goal is to highlight the passion of telemark and mountain mingled with the life of a couple. This is how the two lovebirds took advantage of 4 days in love to share this moment.

Between sun and snow, Marc guide Maya who rediscover skiing after many years and for the first time on telemark skis. Between ski slopes and village life, lots of laughs and unforgettable moments!

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Opening season

by  Marc, Laurent

25 November 2018

Saas Fee

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#5.1    Opening season

Opening season 2018-2019 in Saas-Fee

After all these hours of editing "Feelings" this summer, it’s time to stretch the legs as we launch our 5th season. Yes, already!

It is therefore logically and traditionally that we headed to Saas-Fee with our new equipment.

Joining by the Telemark Club Dents du Midi and a few telemarker friends, we were about 20 telemarkers on the freshly snowy slopes of the resort. A good start, the thighs warm up, the reflexes come back, the sensations too. It’s good to find the snow.

Next step: Zermatt from 18 to 22 December.

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