Beyond the dune

by  Marc

17 March 2022

Peak of Vorlaz

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#8.4    Beyond the dune

The Sahara invited itself to our place!

The end of the season is fast approaching, and we were hoping for another big powder trip, but the weather decided otherwise.

Sahara sand covered our mountains, just like last season, leaving an unusual orange color and a, shall we say, surprising slide.

Hoping to find some more good snow despite high temperatures and no precipitation for almost a month, we set our sights on the Pointe de Vorlaz to take advantage of a small couloir to the north.

A good sweat and laughs, as always, a pure moment of happiness between friends.

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by  Marc

12 March 2022

Here and there

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#8.3    Attempts

Things don’t always go as planned!

In these difficult times, when unpredictable and confusing events fall upon us, we wanted to bring a touch of joy and happiness into our lives.

Because in the end, not everything goes according to plan…

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Take a break

by  Marc

8 February 2022


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#8.2    Take a break

In short, it was Tuesday and we take a break!

Not much fresh snow at the beginning of this year 2022 and the heavy rains of a few weeks ago didn’t help. So when some 30cm are announced during the weekend, we jump on the opportunity and choose our big skis to enjoy it! But bad luck... the wind almost blew everything away! We had to be ingenious to find little spots of powder, and we finally found them!

And in the end, a Tuesday up there, that’s life! And with friends, it’s even better!

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by  Marc

11 December 2021


#8.1    Submariners

How long can you go without breathing?

The 2021-2022 season is officially underway!
And we couldn’t have found a better way to start it together. An astronomical amount of fresh snow has fallen on our favorite playground in Morgins in our beloved Dents du Midi Region.

It was hard to move in the middle of it, but what a joy and what laughter!

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