#5.5   Cooking Tele Show

Telemarker thighs meat recipe

by Laurent, Tony

16 February 2019


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Because practicing telemark requires a lot of energy. Generally, a breakfast is enough for a few hours but at mealtime, it begins to be starved!

Discover the recipe of the chef to ensure a beautiful day.

Le Point Gourmand in Morgins and its chef Damien compose to us the craziest dishes.

The search for perfection is in cooking as in telemark, so we have concocted, with the help of Damien, the recipe of the Telemarker thighs meat. All the necessary ingredients will be in this webisode so you can reproduce it!

This gastronomic restaurant with surprising menus, opened its doors with a warm welcome. Flavors to discover through delectable and astonishing menus, as sometimes with legalized cannabis!

But the Telemarker thighs meat remains the best for our taste!

We assure you that no biding or vegetables have been maltreated.