#9.2   Servus

Welcome to Austria, in Lech, Vorarlberg.

by Marc

23 January 2023


200 images


It had been three years since the team had not left the country for an immersion shoot. We put an end to this drought at the beginning of 2023. We moved to Lech, in the Austrian Vorarlberg.

This is how Marc, Fabrice, Didier, Romain, Pascal and Alban found themselves in this "magical" resort. There was a little less snow than at home, but we were able to find some spots to track.

Freezing temperatures at the beginning of the trip, but incredibly beautiful weather. We discovered the area and the people who were very disciplined on the slopes and in the queues!

The days of skiing were very busy and we were tired every evening, but what a pleasure to be together to share laughter and memorable moments.

Monday 6am, the cars are loaded and we head for Austria. Six people, twelve pairs of skis, kilos of photo/video equipment. This is it, our first trip since the end of the COVID 19 restrictions!

We enjoy our first WienerSnitzel of the week at lunchtime while waiting for the keys to our flat. Once the installation is finished, we analyse the different spots available to us in this region that some of us know a little bit. Yes, Marc had already stayed here with Laurent 7 years ago. We then organise a small tour thanks to the advice of French guides we meet on the way back from their day of skiing.

This time, we are ready! Direction Zuger Hochlicht for our first sector of the week. We find a fresh area in the shade. The snow cover is stable, but thin, and we have to watch out for rocks just hidden by a light layer of snow.

Thanks to Pascal and his camera, we get some great shots of our first turns. This stay is a great success. A great team, a wonderful atmosphere with a sweet mix of laughter and incredible lines. We feel a bit like aliens as there are very few telemarkers around here. The other slope users look at us strangely and seem intrigued by this way of skiing.

We continue our reconnaissance and stop in corners that are just waiting to be rode. Some of us get ready to shoot the images and the others go up in skins or in the rocks, to reach the still untouched summits. The staff of the lifts come to ask us about our activities. Their enthusiasm is palpable and they can’t wait to see the work once it’s finished.

The last day of the trip arrives and we discover the last part of the domain in Warth, where we meet about twenty telemarkers. The next day the Freeheeler Festival Tour is held here, but unfortunately we have to leave this beautiful area.

In the end, a stay full of emotions, laughter, cold, Snitzels… The thighs are heavy, the pictures are beautiful, we are impatient to start editing the film, to classify the pictures and to present them to you. Our loved ones are happy to see us again, healthy, smiling and happy!

In short, we had missed it!