Missed you

Because we missed you and freedom too.

Missed you

Because we missed you and freedom too.

« Missed you »

That’s how the world goes round, « by being overwhelmed » as some would say. Every day is the same, and life can be summed up in a few words: productivity, output, performance, success, results.

And then, suddenly, everything stops. The cause is something as small as it is frightening, unknown and new. A virus from who knows where, for which our institutions were unprepared.

Stay at home, protect your loved ones. This is what we are constantly being told in response to this new threat. The passage of time is sobering. Opinions are formed, couples are torn apart, friendships are broken and opinions differ. Preventing children from hugging their grandparents to protect them was unthinkable just a few days earlier.

As countries close themselves off from the world, they also close themselves off from themselves. Isolation, quarantine as the only way to combat illness and the sadness that sets in for some.

We put all our activities, all our projects, all our little pleasures on hold and refocused on the family. And we refocused on our family, in a kind of closed circle. While the world stood still, we took the time to think about how we were going to live through the reopening, how we were going to put all this distress into images, while at the same time conveying a message of hope. The result was «Missed You». Because we missed you and freedom too.

The film is full of hope, freedom, cheerfulness and funny moments, in stark contrast to this restrictive and sometimes dark episode that we all experienced. In association with AWComposer, an independent composer, the film’s original music will captivate all your senses and intensify them with images of exceptional quality.


  • Date: 4 December 2023
  • Season: 2019-2023
  • Quality: Full HD (1920x1080)

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